ARORA CONSTRUCTION'S Group are actively involved in Building Construction since 2011. Innovative both in Architectural designs and Construction Technics are our RESOLUTION. Use of Qualitaive Materials of Construction and Time bound completion of Projects are our principles. Our Clientile safisfaction is our Aim. We Undertake challenging Ventures - Residential Houses, Apartments, Commercial and Industrial Constructions. Our experiences have been meeting the satisfactions of the Customers all along

Our approach in all the ventures has been of dedication to harness total worth for the value paid by customer and of lasting relationship with Clientile . ARORA CONSTRUCTION'S Group is known for complete transparency in each and every transaction. Our corporate philosophy has an approach to exceed rather than just fulfilling the expectations. We approach every venture with dedication and a passion like it is our only one. Our every venture has a strong economic viability in perfect harmony with class and aesthetics. And deep-rooted environmental concerns influence our planning and design.



We offer a complete range of pre-construction and constructor services, and we administer these with efficiency and insight. Our services include evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project; production of cost estimates and schedules; appraisal of construction methods, materials and systems; examination of program cost-effectiveness; development of cash flow projections, planning of manpower and equipment requirements; and administration of purchasing and expediting.

We have the knowledge base, equipment and experience, to handle large scale jobs and have an expanding resume of projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small. We develop and engage in all projects, regardless of the size.Arora Construction continues to provide strong community support and environmental stewardship. Arora Construction actively contributes capital and resources for local community interests in all of its work regions. We're local and we value our associations with local businesses. We also believe in healthy communities and that is why we support social events, athletic programs and recreational activities in the communities we work in.


Since forming in 2011, we've dealt with all kinds of customers, commercial and residential, and done construction jobs of all types. We take care of our customers and take pleasure in getting the job done right every time. Throughout the years, we've only managed to improve our craft, providing the highest quality service and workmanship possible while bringing a new level of expertise to every job we take; we love a good challenge. We know that there are a lot of residential and general contractors in the county, but we assure that after hiring us, the difference between us and the others will immediately be evident.

Aside from our superior workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding customer service, what sets us apart from other construction agencies is our enthusiasm in doing a job exactly how the customer wants it done. Our pride lies in being the top residential and commercial contractor in the entire Delhi/NCR, and we always look forward to taking on new projects. We understand the importance of performing a job exactly how the customer wants it done; that's just common courtesy! Experienced, versatile, and well known for our outstanding customer service, our team of Arora Construction are valued by our clients. After all, in this industry, there's nothing more important than customer satisfaction.